Summit is the only company that blends highly environmentally conscious sustainable and holistic construction with unmatched speed, reliability and durability at a very competitive price for virtually any type of project. Summit is an ideal solution for transitioning economies in the midst of rapid infrastructure redevelopment, such as India, Myanmar, the Silk Road countries, the former CIS and other areas in the world that are undergoing revitalization. Summit’s concrete construction solutions unique advantages are:

  • Speed, Scalability and Simplicity
  • High Strength Monolithic Structures
  • High Wind/Seismic Rating
  • High Blast and Ballistic Resistance
  • On-site and Low Cost, with Zero Structural Maintenance for 100+ Years
  • Associated Exterior and Interior Finishes
  • Proven Precast Technology/System with 55,000 Buildings Constructed Globally
  • Vastu Certification for Holistic Benefits

Summit and Infrastructure Development & Construction Innovation – Perfect Together!


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