Summit Reliance Group, Inc. has partnered with Vastu Green Building Studio, a pre-eminent  authority on Vastu architectural science in the U.S., to create Vastu Green Building Institute™ . It is dedicated to bringing ancient Vedic architectural and mindful living knowledge to the modern construction and building materials, as well as related consumer products industry. Rooted in millennia-old Indian architectural tradition, Vastu design pays attention among other aspects, to proper structure orientation along the Earth grid using correct divine building measure and ensuring proper energy flow within the Mother Wall. But the wisdom of traditional Vastu design is not completely manifested if the building materials – the structural skeleton and external and internal decorative elements – are not conducive to the free energy flow concept that ensures spiritual calmness, bliss and material well-being of people who live and work in the building. To create the positive resonance of those inside with the structure, ideally as many exterior and interior finishes and materials used must be natural, non-toxic, not contain steel or be prone to outgassing and be manufactured in a sustainable fashion, also ensuring proper installation orientation and fastening, as well as ongoing care.

Since the process of designing your existing and new buildings including residential, institutional and commercial structures, as well as marketing your construction and finishing products and materials with Vastu knowledge in mind can be complicated, VGBI can handle all of it for you with our unique solutions suite. Our services include designing and building your projects according to Vastu knowledge, as well as adapting the existing structures to the Vastu standard. We also provide Vastu-mindful materials and product sourcing, as well as marketing and branding advice and affinity programs designed to promote your products in select markets as those of special holistic value. Our Vastu Seal of Approval™ is a three-level special distinction that can be awarded to your buildings, interior spaces, materials and products based on their meeting certain Vastu standards of excellence.



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