Summit brings to the fore two key green concrete solutions that are perfect for infrastructure development in emerging economies dealing with considerable technological, logistical, supply, workforce and security challenges.


  • StructCrete ™ Solutions have been validated over the past 40 years with the construction of approximately 55,000 buildings and other structures in the USA, Philippines and various other countries, all of which buildings/structures known to Summit remain in excellent condition. Summit owns full right and title to, and interest in, the StructCrete ™ System and Solutions.
  • StructCrete ™ Solutions are based on unique precast concrete structural-ribbed Panel and precast structural Column & Beam Technologies that are incorporated in the current advanced on-site StructCrete ™ precision-engineered construction Systems, and Summit’s turnkey construction and supply / value chain project management Business Model.
  • StructCrete ™ Solutions provide the capability to “green”-build the structural skeleton of diversified types of buildings (e.g., housing, schools, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, and manufacturing and logistics/warehouse facilities), and other structures (e.g., boundary/security walls). The structural skeleton is the building Panelized external walls, internal load-bearing walls, floors and roof structure; plus the precast Columns/Beam for buildings currently from 7 up to 13 stories.
  • StructCrete ™ Solutions many powerful features include the combined capability:

for Construction:

  • Speed: The structural skeleton, for example, of a 4 story, 100-room hotel typically can be constructed in less than 1 month
  • Scalability: Large numbers of buildings can be constructed at the same time
  • Productivity: Precision openings for windows, doors and utilities are provided in the Panels, and a wide variety of decorative treatments (e.g., colors, textures, designs, facades) can be applied to the Panels, during the casting process
  • Simplicity: Requires primarily unskilled labor and telescoping cranes for Panel casting and building erection and building
  • Strength: Buildings are rated for winds up to 200 MPH and Zone 4 seismic events; Zone 5 can be provided if required
  • Sustainability: Minimum expected 100-year useful life cycle, barring damage/destruction by force majeure such as war
  • Maintenance: Historically none required for the panels, joint seals or building structural skeleton
  • Repairability: Panels are easily and quickly replaced if desired or required
  • Simplicity: Structural steel framing is NOT REQUIRED for StructCrete ™ buildings currently up to 13 stories, and columns/ beams are NOT REQUIRED up to 6 stories. The StructCrete ™ Panels and Columns/Beams are bolted/joined together to form a high performance monolithic structure.

and overall Project Development needs:

  • Environmental Stewardship: Panels use 60% less concrete and 50% less steel and generate 60% less CO2 emissions than conventional full thickness concrete construction and nearly no construction waste
  • Low Cost: Competitive with other construction systems

StructCrete ™ Solutions combined package of features provides opportunities for the Builder/Owner to realize significant savings in the cost of construction and cost-of-carry, as well as other competitive advantages and associated financial benefits, including the opportunity potentially to use or sell/lease the buildings and generate revenues and profits much sooner.

StructCrete ™ Solutions also can provide the opportunity ultimately to create large numbers of sustainable jobs.


More on the StructCrete ™ System Advantage over other Building Solutions  Representative StructCrete™ Panel Finishes Brochure

Armor/ShieldCrete ™ Solutions and their high protective performance are created by uniquely integrating custom structural design and materials compositions.


Summit’s unique Armor/ShieldCrete ™ Solutions are created by integrating/bundling the Fiber Technology with the StructCrete ™ Technology. This provides the capability to custom design buildings and other structures employing Armor/ShieldCrete ™ to provide much better protection for specific applications and threat profiles vs. the current and proposed brute-force and high-tech approaches (e.g., heavy rebar loading, thick walls/roofs, ultra-high strength concrete, polyurea and steel fibers and/ or steel, carbon and Kevlar meshes embedded in the concrete – individually or in any combination). Armor/ShieldCrete ™ and its derivatives are Summit trademarks.

The Treated Fibers also minimize micro-cracking of the concrete, thus significantly limiting the amount of water that can filter into the concrete and corrode the embedded rebars and increasing the useful life and safety of the structure. And, the Treated Fibers do not create a health or environmental hazard (such as with asbestos) in the event the structure is damaged and the fibers are exposed. These features, along with the ability to use recycled materials in the concrete mix when available, qualify Armor/ShieldCrete ™ as a “green” product.

The performance provided by the initial commercial Treated Fibers was demonstrated originally in laboratory impact tests at Penn State University and in field blast tests of concrete panels and blocks at Fort Bragg vs. conventional high strength concrete designed for blast resistance, including heavy rebar loading. The blast tests at Fort Bragg employed explosives that simulated 500 LB truck bombs and C-4 plastic explosives attached to the test specimens to simulate direct blasts. While the panels and blocks with the Fiber Technology experienced some damage in these tests, the integrity of the specimens was maintained. Conversely, the conventional concrete specimens with blast resistance were totally destroyed upon first impact, sending pieces of concrete as shrapnel in all directions.

A short video presentation of the Fiber Technology and the tests at Penn State and Fort Bragg is provided at the following private access YouTube link. To view the video, right-click on the link, then click on “Open Hyperlink”:


More Info on Armor/ShieldCrete ™


Summit and Infrastructure Development & Construction Innovation – Perfect Together!


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