President & CEO

Mr. Maimon’s professional career spans over 40 years and includes stints as an engineer at McDonnel Douglas, Booz Allen and Hamilton and a top position on a Federal Transition Team leading a $6B operation involved in the U.S. Postal Service privatization.

An accomplished international consultant, he has worked in 20 countries over the years from Moscow to Bahrain on missions as diverse as advising the City of Moscow on upgrading its telecommunications system to leading a National Science Foundation program to establish a Middle East regional medical diagnostic ultrasound practice at the Cairo (Egypt) University Hospital. His clients included Eastman Kodak and the Marmon Group, among other top industry names.

As a serial entrepreneur with an eye to improving human living standards around the world and promoting global trade and development, Steve has founded five companies in the construction solutions and export-import space. A sought-after speaker, he has taught at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA and has lectured extensively around the world on advanced construction solutions and infrastructure development, among other topics. He has also been an active member of the Licensing Executives Society.

Steve received a BS in Mechanical/Control Systems Engineering and a MS in Medical Engineering (Fellowship Grant) from Drexel University, and an MS in Systems Management (Fellowship Grant) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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