Summit staff will train and certify the construction contractor personnel to cast the panels and erect the buildings.

Summit’s StructCrete™ Field Services Manual (the “Manual”) will be provided to the selected construction contractor and independent quality assurance/control (QA/QC) entities.

The Manual will include specifications/requirements for:

  • (a) the building foundation,
  • (b) the concrete mix and steel wire mesh and rebar to manufacture the precast panels,
  • (c) storage, handling, cleaning and maintenance of the StructCreteTM molds and other equipment,
  • (d) handling/ moving the cured concrete panels,
  • (e) connecting the panels to the building foundation and each other,
  • (f) security and
  • (g) record-keeping and reporting.

The project mobilization, field training and performance activities and the supporting functions will be coordinated by Summit’s computer-based Project Management System to ensure that projects are launched and performed successfully and on schedule.


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