Summit will implement internationally established QA/QC standards and practices in all of its projects, and employ accredited independent local QA/QC management organizations and compliance testing laboratories to ensure such standards and practices are being applied. This includes collecting and retaining samples of each load of concrete delivered to the project, testing each load to confirm that the mix and quality is as-specified, inspections to ensure that the steel wire mesh and rebar, and how they are placed in the precast molds, are as-specified, as well as the torque required to bolt the panels properly to the building foundation and each other. This also includes criteria and protocols for rejecting concrete loads, steel wire mesh and rebar and finished panels that are out-of-spec, correcting substandard erection practices and maintaining detailed records of the test results and inspections, as well as any corrective actions.

Based on the QA/QC records and reports of Summit’s on-site management/supervisory personnel, upon completing the panel production and erection of the buildings, Summit will provide the Owner/Developer with a Certificate for both operations attesting that the process has been completed and that it was performed in compliance with Summit’s published standards.


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