• More durable construction technology at the same or lower cost
  • “Greener” system using less concrete for same structural integrity of full thickness panels
  • Panelized system narrows construction schedule

The StructCrete™ System employs a unique precision steel mold that can be used for thousands of castings even in severe work environments. The structural concrete panels are cast at the project site employing local materials and labor, mostly unskilled. The panels can be cast while the site is being prepared and the building foundations are being put in place; thus, erection can begin much earlier than with other concrete construction methods. The panels have a flat surface on one face and a waffled configuration on the other face. This design provides the same or greater load-bearing capabilities as solid panels, while using less than half the amount of concrete (cement) and steel reinforcing bars (rebar) and wire mesh. Temporary, “block-outs” for windows and doors are placed in the desired locations in the mold prior to casting; thus, a single mold can be used to cast an endless variety of panels. Colors can be added to the concrete and many decorative effects, including textures, patterns, designs and exposed aggregates, can be applied to the panel as a part of the casting process

Team Summit is a mutually beneficial collaboration of organizations that, together, provide a comprehensive solution to the national infrastructure development requirements in countries such as India. Specifically, the Team Summit Solution enables efficient, cost-effective construction for a high volume of diverse types of buildings and other structures, including entire integrated communities, townships and cities.


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