Summit has cultivated unique global supply chain relationships relevant to the construction materials field. We are currently piloting a turnkey project development and solutions platform that offers sponsors quality, speed, reliability, economies of scale and purchasing power not found in many developing markets, such as India, where logistical and infrastructural challenges still abound.

Our Project Depot™ platform allows project developers to come in with a construction concept and basic drawings/site plans and Summit team takes it from there, whereby we:

  • offer proprietary and third party construction solutions and advise on appropriate technology and partner selection
  • develop and refine project specs and plans with input from U.S. engineering and architectural partners
  • identify appropriate construction partners and negotiate preferential program partner terms for even the smallest scale projects
  • deliver guaranteed maximum price contracts and bundled cost effective terms
  • Monitor construction progress and execution timing for the projects to stay on time and on budget
  • supply all requisite construction materials from global quality vetted supply sources, as well as local providers on negotiated preferred purchaser terms for a highly competitive secure project execution.
  • provide financing solutions and strategies advisory

This unique and highly scalable supply and delivery platform has potential to be the go-to construction solutions hub on the national scale in India and globally in many developing economies where concerns of timely and quality construction product delivery with reliable counterparts is difficult to achieve.


We offer customers advisory and project development and management services in the following areas:

  • Global construction project development and implementation using our proprietary concrete building solutions and related owned and third party appropriate technologies for ultra-high speed, efficient, reliable and cost effective execution. We use local contracting labor and architectural engineering partners in addition to those that are part of our U.S. based team and provide for seamless integration of our know-how within the contemplated scope and objectives of the sponsor.
  • Global supply chain logistics solutions centered around project needs procurement in the infrastructure development, construction materials and certain related sectors.
  • Master planning studies
  • Market entry and FDI research, analysis and development services for US and international companies in select markets in India, China, the former Soviet Union and beyond.
  • Third party representation and distributorship/marketing and licensing arrangements for FDI purposes and general venture development
  • Impact investing consulting and program development services for private, corporate and institutional investment sponsors, including:
    • devising global development finance investment plan
    • investment market studies
    • business plan preparation
    • technology commercialization advisory
    • identifying appropriate projects and investment partners within the scope of the proposed investment criteria
    • global joint venture development
    • project due diligence and investment deployment preparation and monitoring
    • related agreement and investment framework negotiation
    • transaction advisory and related asset management and exit strategies consulting

Summit and Infrastructure Development & Construction Innovation – Perfect Together!


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