Senior VP Operations & Projects Management

Mr. Rose is exceptionally qualified to run the Project management and related construction activities of summit’s business, with extensive knowledge and experience in all of the major related areas.

Skip graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in Physics. After college, he began his career as an energy consultant, performing analyses for hospital operations throughout the Philadelphia, Chicago and Connecticut areas. He transitioned into the design field with the 300-person architectural/engineering firm, Kling/Lindquist, where he became involved in mechanical design for hospital and laboratory facilities. It was here that he attained his Professional Engineer’s license. After K/L, Skip turned to the construction industry where he had over 10 years’ experience with Turner Construction and 8 years with Payton Construction. He managed a variety of projects for clients such as the Harvard School of Medicine and Raytheon. Throughout his management tenure, Skip has overseen more than $500MM worth of construction.

Skip also has been Chief Operations Officer/Vice President of Construction Operations for a Boston-area real estate developer. He has been responsible for construction of a multitude of mixed-use facilities. Prior to joining Summit, he managed a construction management consulting firm.

Mr. Jackson’s career encompasses all aspects of the construction business. He invented the StructCrete™ technology/system and employed it successfully on many Projects, most of which were repeat business with established customers.


Summit and Infrastructure Development & Construction Innovation – Perfect Together!


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