Director, Field Operations

Mr. Jackson’s career encompasses all aspects of the construction business. He invented the StructCrete™ technology/system and employed it successfully on many Projects, most of which were repeat business with established customers.

After many years’ experience in the construction field Mr. Jackson started started his own business, Jackson Construction Inc., a concrete and masonry company doing mainly residential construction, including foundations, below-grade and retaining walls, fireplaces, exterior concrete patio’s, driveways, sidewalks, etc.

Later he formed J.P. Construction Inc., with a partner. JPC was the only major construction company that did both masonry and concrete work in the valley. JPC became General Contractors, and introduced the Waffle-Wall precast panel system to California and became an industry leader in providing wall panels for a variety of construction uses.

The applications ranged from simple structures to high-tech buildings. As the business grew, JPC employed a full time architectural and engineering staff. Millions of square feet of cost-efficient Waffle-Wall panels were used in construction projects throughout Southern California.

In 2000, Duane moved to Denver, Colorado and started “Waffle-Wall” Colorado with his son Troy Jackson.

They re-engineered the Waffle-Wall precast technology/system to include the capability for floors and roof structures and other applications, as well as other improvements, and the enhanced technology/system became StructCrete™.


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